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Event information, including team waivers and kickball rules will be emailed to the registered team captain. 


 We'll be around to keep you on track, but here
are the easy rules of kickball...just in case.

Convince at least six people to play that you want to hang out with - but no more then eleven. Decide who is the most responsible in the group and crown him or her your team captain. If you are in junior high or younger, you must have an adult as your captain because we don't trust you with the important stuff yet.


And yes, your team can be made up of buddies, whether it's all females, all males or a mix. We will do our best to balance the brackets so you are guaranteed to play in at least two games against players with a similar skill set. We don't want any one kick wonders.  

Kicker Up

Your lineup order should remain the same during the game. Once it's your turn to impress the crowds, make sure you are standing behind home plate and use only your foot to kick. If you whiff and miss the ball, try it again! The second time's a charm.


Three foul kicks? Return to the bench to cheer on your next player. No intentional bunting please but feel free to steal a base - if you can get away with it! Finally, we want everyone to enjoy the day so stay on your feet and avoid sliding into the bases.

Playin' the Outfield

How should you roll? Slow to medium pitches are key to everyone enjoying the game. No missiles please. Simple fielding etiquette applies: when a player is approaching the base, let them on and if you want to get them out, go for it but please don't aim for their head. Get three outs and it's your turn to kick. 


Games will run five innings or 30 minutes. Team captains will keep score - this is where the responsibility part kicks in.  


Are you in it to win it? Division champs will receive medals and we'll also make a big deal of you on social media,as long as you are holding our sponsor signs. The first set of games will kick off promptly at 9 a.m. so get to bed early, bring your A game and we'll see you on the fields! 


After you pitch and kick, join the Fishers community for more fun at Billericay Park - great food, live music, and don't miss the high stakes Celebrity Kickball Game!